Exciting Announcement from Big Island Adventures

A huge thank you to all our friends, family, and supporters!

We launched Big Island Adventures last year with one objective. To help visitors experience the Vancouver Island that WE know.

Unfortunately, the year of the virus has been affecting tourism around the world. It has become abundantly clear that our business plan of carrying mixed groups of international visitors on a small day tour bus wasn’t viable moving forward.

Fortunately for us, the day trip plan was only part of our long term strategy. We have tried to imagine a successful business model where we can still achieve our objectives and get folks out there!

Our ultimate vision has always been to create wilderness getaways for groups of up to ten people. We have the Barclay Sound area available to us for providing these escapes.

Les Strachan, Owner/Operator

Charlie Cootes Sr, Owner

The Uchucklesaht First Nation is one of several first nations that have territorial rights, as well as land ownership, in Barclay Sound. The Uchucklesaht Tribal Government (UTG) has several special places they would like to share with visitors. Two of these places are fully functioning guest houses:

  • Seekah Landing is located in Kildonan inlet and is accessible by a one-hour boat ride from Port Alberni. This place is ideal for the salmon fishing group or family paddling unit seeking exclusive accommodation.

  • Thunderbird Lodge – The other is at the back end of Henderson Lake (now called Uchucklesaht). Two hours from Pt. Alberni, this is the site of a defunct sockeye hatchery operation, located in one of the most beautiful and spiritual locations on our island. (This is a remote location accessed by 4×4 roads.)
In addition to these offerings for next year, the UTG has plans to develop remote outpost glamping sites in Barclay Sound. These will be small clusters of camping cabins right in the middle of the fun. All of our sites will have small paddle craft available as part of the package. SUPs, kayaks, rafts.
We will be offering complete Do It Yourself packages catering to family units or close groups not requiring social isolation from each other. This will isolate our groups from contact during their stay. As a DIY retreat, all consumables will be yours to source and prepare.
Commercial water transportation will be available for the Seekah guest house, and four wheel drive transportation will be provided for the Thunderbird Lodge.

Sound Ambitious? If any of these types of offerings are of interest to you, hang in there! We will be diligently working towards having both guest houses available for the spring of 2021.

And, over the course of 2021, we hope to begin developing another glamping site in the sound.

Les Strachan

And the management of Big Island Adventures